Starting Points

See why students enjoy Starting Points!  A lively discussion course about the reasoning behind our faith, and great literature, occasional movies to discuss the worldviews of the authors and screenwriters; U.S. History: America’s Inspired Birth; Scriptures of world view questions; and a color-coding method of paragraphing to stay on topic and fully-support all they write.

Royse City Homeschool Academy on Wednesday afternoons (morning class is full)

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries

Diana Waring’s A History Revealed.  This curriculum doesn’t just teach history; it includes a focus on timelines, music and art appreciation, architecture, literature, foods, maps, etc. of the time period. This is important as it enables students to make meaningful connections between these various disciplines and to understand them within their historical context.

Excellent prep for Starting Points or any worldview course especially when combined with Writing, Grammar & Speech.

AERO on Thursday afternoons

Writing, Grammar & Speech

Writing, Grammar & Speech This interactive & affirming course starts with stories from our memories. We have hundreds. Students are inspired by hearing each other’s ideas and develop confidence that others want to hear what they have written. Using at least 2 senses–the sights and sounds around us, touch, aromas, and occasionally taste–students produce stories that make others feel they are right there. Leo Tolstoy call this the “art of writing.”
AERO on Thursday afternoons