Ancient Civilizations & the Bible

Creation to Christ:  Excellent Prep for Starting Points or ANY worldview course!

A multi-disciplinary worldview course for all learning styles!  Diana Waring’s A History Revealed  makes history memorable and exciting, while encouraging relationships and engaging students!  

A History Revealed by Diana Waring encompasses a variety of learning approaches!  

This curriculum teaches more than history:  It includes a focus on timelines, music and art appreciation, architecture, literature, foods, maps, etc. of the time period.  This is important as it enables students to make meaningful connections between these various disciplines and to understand them within their historical context.  Variety and student participation makes this a fun course! 

Students will engage in discussions, projects of personal interest, choosing books they want to read  to share with the class, with never a dull moment.  Every 3-4 weeks, students will study a new time period from Creation & the Flood, to the Rise of Rome, and the birth of the true Ruler.

Having used this approach in teaching modern world history (World Empires, World Missions & World Wars), I’ve witnessed the incredible learning experiences.  Accompanied by Writing, Grammar & Speech, this is excellent prep for Starting Points!

The reason this approach is so valuable follows: 


10% of what we read

20% of what we hear

30% of what we see 

50% of what we see & hear 

70% of what we say and

90% of what we say and do

Since much of what is known about early civilization is found in Old Testament accounts, students will be studying the Bible.  Sometimes 15-30 chapter are assigned.  I have chosen to shorten these lengthy assignments so that reading the Bible is a pleasure!

So that students are reading and discussing  the same version and are on the same page,  the teacher will purchase Bibles, an additional Bible book, and a 44-page Bible atlas with clear plastic overlays of modern-day cities and countries. The material fee covers these.

CURRICULUM  TO ORDER = Total for Student manual & CDs is about $95

  •  Ancient Civilizations & the BibleSTUDENT MANUAL– by Diana Waring
  • 3 sets of CDs for Ancient CivilizationsWhat In the World, True Tales, Digging Deeper.
  • (If you desire, the Teacher Manual is an additional $40)
  • Nothing else from A History Revealed. DO NOT order Test Booklet since answers are included.


ADDITIONAL BOOKS for RESEARCH  Each month or two, students will chose a book they would like to read to share with the class.  The student manual provides great lists!  Choose one.  Later share for  5-10 minutes.  Students learn from each other!  They may use models, create posters, or try their hand at PowerPoint which many think is easier than posters.   Some of these books may be found in your church or local library.  You may already own a few or choose to order a book or two from time-to-time, based on Diana Waring’s detailed descriptions.



Homework:  5-10 hours per week

Tuition:  $40     (If taken with Writing, Grammar & Speech, $70 for both courses or if more than one student per family.       Additionally $65 per month if paying for the entire year at one time.

Material fee:  $55 for books plus $30 for teacher supplies = $85

Supplies Needed:  3-ring binder, 8 dividers, 2 composition books, map pencils, highlighters, pens or pencils.


Testimonial from A History Revealed website:

Hannah, Homeschool Student

I’ve studied your history curriculum throughout my entire high school career and now the time has come to fill out transcripts and such … for the Ancient Civilizations, Romans, Reformers and Revolutionaries, and then World Empires, World Missions, World Wars. I have loved going through your history courses. I have learned so much that I can’t begin to thank you. I feel as if learning from your unique style has really implanted the facts and adventures into my brain. Your HUMOR and laughter made learning so much more exciting than memorizing boring dates and General So-and-So. Thank you for making my school history so fun and creative. God bless you and your ministry through learning!

Diana Waring’s A History Revealed, Ancient Civilizations & the Bible makes use of multiple learning approaches for ALL learning styles!  All of Diana Waring’s world history courses are FUN!


🔹interactive, rapid fire discussion

🔹hands-on project once a month

🔹research an area of interest and present once a month

🔹confidence building




Do Hard Things by Harris and Harris (summer reading)

Personal Essay, to let the teacher know something about you

A desire to learn

To not be a distraction to others (The teacher is one of the others)

Commitment to turn in assignments on time

Parental agreement to help proofread final copy of paragraphs for mechanical errors only


Grades:  6th to 9th

Monthly Tuition:  $40

Homework:  8-10 hours per week

Material Fee:  $85 (includes 3 books)


Please feel free to call with any questions, for references, or to arrange a visit.

Susanne Johnson