Uniquely You

“Uniquely You” is an 8 week course, Dates to be announced

Through small group interaction and exercises, students begin to discover their personal style and natural tendencies, their giftedness — what makes them happy — which cannot be taught or developed. It’s who they are. The delight and intensity enjoyed in past activities provides a clue into future satisfaction and contentment. In other words, as they discover their giftedness, it’s easier to live that out in educational choices, service projects, and future career.

Student Essay from “Uniquely You” (9th grade student) Color-coding main points keeps student on-topic and helps them provide ample support for each main point):

Many people go their whole lives without truly knowing who they really are or their purpose in life. Fortunately I know now what God made me to be and the qualities he gifted me with, so I can succeed in my career and in relationships. In my last semester of school with Mrs. Johnson, I did a study where I went through a series of life stories and charts to figure out just how I am wired. I learned several characteristics of why I am the way I am.

Knowing who I am makes life so much easier. The first characteristic I learned about myself is that I like to be extremely organized. For instance, I like to make lists to know what needs to get done and to know what I have accomplished already. Also the good thing about making lists is they are a good way for me to keep on top of things. For example I see some things and instead of procrastinating and putting those off I like to get them done so I can cross them off the list. Another part of being organized is setting goals. For me it is a way to get more things done timely. With goals set I have more time to do what I want rather than worry about school work or chores. In organizing it is also a way for me to make things perfect. I spend a lot of my time putting things in different spaces and moving things around to make them fit better and or to make things more efficient.

Another quality that I have learned this semester is regarding performance. I like to show my abilities so people can see them, not to be a show off, but so they can see that these qualities could help make their lives easier. Also I like to leave an impression on people by showing them my talents so they can see how I am different and unique. God created me a certain way and I am not wired like the rest of the world. Knowing that, I want to let other people know as well. I desire to excel to be the best that I can. Although I usually fall short of this ambition, I still strive to succeed and to constantly work on improving myself.

A third trait I learned about myself in this study is that I like to try new things. When I try something new it is exciting for me. I also like to see how I can make it more efficient or work better. I like the challenge of figuring things out and enjoy testing my abilities and pushing them to the limit. I always want to see just how much I can do on my own. With this I like to see just how much I can do on my own. When I accomplish things on my own I feel good about me, and it gives me the feeling that I can do anything. This gives me confidence that I can make it on my own.
Life is so much easier knowing who I am. Knowing that I like to be organized and like to perform and try to do things on my own gives me a feeling of comfort that I do not have to spend my life wondering who I am and what I am made to do. I believe that anyone who would try to discover their design would be much happier.