Romans, Reformers & Revolutionaries

An interdisciplinary worldview course for ALL learning styles!  

  • Diana Waring’s A History Revealed

Diana Waring’s world history curriculum makes history memorable and exciting, while encouraging relationships and engaging students!  What’s also wonderful about this approach is that during each time period, one-per-month, we are simultaneously looking at what Christians are doing throughout the world:  missions, revivals, note-worthy actions, beginning of organizations still in place today! This is a FUN course!            (All courses may be taken in any order)


1              World History (69 c. to 1799 c.)

1              English



Students love Diana Waring’s approach to world history (A History Revealed) which includes a variety of learning approaches for all learning styles!  This is a FUN way to study history!!!

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries covers a tumultuous time in history when the Church explodes throughout the world; uncharted regions are explored; distant cultures are united; and religious wars burst into flame. Technology, medicine, philosophy, and art sweep nations into bitter turmoil and proud independence. Through it all, you will see God moving behind the scenes to accomplish His purposes.



What would you see in the classroom?  Full participation!  Lively students actively sharing their great finds.  They learn from each other.  Students hear their peers!  They catch each other’s energy.  Never a dull moment.  One-by-one, with respect for each other’s opinion without correction by a peer.  Students listen to one another and share what is important to them from their homework.  Group projects occasionally.  Videos occasionally.


🔹interactive, rapid fire discussion

🔹hands-on project once a month

🔹research an area of interest and presentations once a month

🔹confidence building!



10% of what they read

20% of what they hear

30% of what they see

50% of what they see & hear

70% of what they say

90%o of what they say & do


Therefore A History Revealed implements a variety of learning approaches!  This curriculum doesn’t just teach history; it includes a focus on timelines, music and art appreciation, architecture, literature, foods, maps, etc. of the time period.  This is important as it enables students to make meaningful connections between these various disciplines and to understand them within their historical context.  Variety makes this a fun course! A History Revealed approach is engaging, active, never a dull moment.  Every 4 weeks, a new time period studied with

Week 1:  Reading, listening to CDs         

Week 2:  Research and Present PowerPoint

Week 3:  Hands-on Project 

Week 4:  Creative Expression


Presentations once a month on an area of interest.  Students get a broad feel for each time period as they sit back and learn from each other’s research.  Using PowerPoint or posters, students share with the class their research and develop confidence in a small classroom setting where what they say matters!  Making their own choices every month for research and a hand-on project or artistic expression (a plethora of ideas in the textbook) makes this course educationally interesting!!

Hands-on project or Artistic Expression once a month:  Some bring recordings of music of the time period; other prefer performing (music, puppetry, drama, journalism, art, etc.).  Others show art (by use of projector) or create their own. Others choose from ideas for journalism, architecture, graphic design, etc.  Others love cooking a food from the culture we’re studying and sharing it with the class.  The list goes on and on.  A History Revealed provides SO many ideas for expression so that students truly get a hands-on, multi-sensory educational experience.  Coming from so many angles makes learning stick. Actively involved, students learn best by doing and speaking

LITERATURE:  Students choose from list





A desire to learn

Assignments turned in on time

Not a distraction to others; the teacher is one of the others



TEXTBOOKS:  Contact teacher who will place a group order.  Total is approximately $95

A History Revealed:  Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries by Diana Waring plus 3 sets of CDs:  What in the World? True Tales, and Digging Deeper




Fees & Info

HOMEWORK:  5-6 hours per week

Tuition:  $45 per month

Material Fee:  $40 (copies, DVDs, NAS Bible)


Please feel free to call or text with questions, to schedule a meeting, or to ask for references. 

Susanne Johnson